green river, ut

my heart is so full after a weekend in the desert, visiting Ginny in her spring home. 


Green River is a town of less than 1,000, a tiny blip on the map. Most known for it’s melon harvest, it has little industry to speak of, and is generally struggling. Ginny is working with PACT, the community foundation, in their after school program. She’ll be there until the end of May, helping facilitate programming and develop curriculums and guidelines for the program’s future. 

The little community that PACT and Epicenter staff have formed was so welcoming and fun; it was just the weekend I needed. Thankful for sunsets, truck stop karaoke, dance parties, desert hikes, 10am slurpees, endless canyons, beach days and so much laughter. 







Ginny & Mary both inspire me every day with their passion, creativity and fierce dedication to bringing about good in the world. Loved being with them in their little town. 


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