summer’s end

We made it, through every up & down, through every fit of giggles & every shake of tears. We have done what we set out to do.


Thanks, God, for soul friends & sunshine, for shared experiences, tears & laughter, for anger & joy & everything in between. Thank you for the depth of feeling we live into together.

(I wrote this in my journal on the last day of camp; it’s the most honest reflection I have of this past season.)

Summer always races past, even though the days feel impossibly long and full of work. I miss the sounds of the camp season, but honestly, it gets easier to leave it behind each year. Not because it’s not wonderful (it is), but because I feel more at peace with it. I learn so much each year, and I know the next summer will be here before I know it. Big shout out to my year round coworkers, without whom this job would be impossible. Bigger shout out to the summer staff, who constantly inspire me with their huge, brave hearts.

saved by grace, sent to serve, with good courage.

We are called to act with justice, we are called to love tenderly, we are called to serve one another, to walk humbly with God.



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