giving thanks (these days)

Earlier this week, I hopped off a plane after time on the East Coast and marveled at the bright yellow of the larch the whole drive home. All the mountain maples on our property have already lost their leaves and the lake is furious with Autumn’s wind.

Last week I spent time in the company of dear friends, eating amazing food, hiking familiar trails and enjoying quiet evenings chatting in our rented cottage. It was such a perfect reset for my weary heart.

I’m so thankful for community which spans the years & miles,

For the ceaseless beauty of this place, which is sometimes quiet & other times directly in my face,

For solo evenings in new towns,

For familiar drives,

and for words that stir my soul. Please read The Sun and her Flowers (Rupi Kaur) as soon as you can.

Last night, my roommates and I spent a solid forty minutes listening to old pop punk songs we loved when we were younger, and we still knew all the words. We laughed and laughed, played a round of cribbage and laughed some more. What a gift it is to be surrounded by love in this place, year after year.

I’m looking ahead to some traveling for work, the shoulder season when winter tempts us to mountaintops & a sweet friendsgiving in Palouse. What are you thankful for today?

Take courage.


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