It’s been two years since we lost Kyle. I got the phone call while surrounded by new friends at a work conference. I felt like I had left my body for hours afterward; I don’t remember anything I said while I wept talking to my mom or friends that day.

But of course, this isn’t about me. This is about the bright light that Kyle was. The joy he shared with us all. His intense curiosity for this world. The huge way he smiled. His deep heart for others.

This world was not easy for him but he didn’t let that inform the way he lived and loved. He worked so hard to go his own way. He made art because he had to.

Grief is strange. Some days I pick up my phone to text him, almost forgetting for a moment that I can’t. Some days I see him so clearly in the mountains or sunset or in the face of another and I smile or tear up or both.

All this to say- love those you love, hard. Work to have conversations with those you might disagree with. Work hard, make art. Live like Kyle.


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