A Birthday Hike

Whenever I find myself at home for awhile, my favorite activity is to get out into the woods I hold so dearly. My parents taught my sister and I to appreciate the Earth by getting out into it and taking care to notice it’s beauty. My father and I drove to a little known access point in northern Washington County to hike the Thurston Griggs trail to the MD section of the Appalachian Trail. The weather was surprisingly cool for late July which certainly helped us in the mile long trek up the mountain to the main trail.





I have always found solace in the mountains. I am thankful for the quiet, the warmth of sun through the trees and the cliff faces that give way to beautiful views. This section of the AT is calm and relatively easy as it bridges the mountain tops of Maryland.

I often feel most at peace when I am using my body to it’s fullest potential- climbing over rocks and feeling bark beneath my fingers. I am so thankful to have grown up near such beautiful places!


(The view pictured here is looking southwest from Blackrock Outlook.)



one more trip around the sun. 365 days of service, laughter, mountains, city lights, poems, tears, veggies, hugs and dancing.


I am so grateful to be a part of this life I have been blessed with.

My intentional truth for this year of  is bravery. I find myself in a time of deep transition and deep discernment and it is my hope that I can remember to be brave in each big decision and small act this year. Be well, my dear readers, and be brave.