Just a few days in this gem of the interior west, full of good conversation, long runs and brews near the water. I am so grateful for all the places my eyes have seen & the people I’ve gotten to see them with. 


green river, ut

my heart is so full after a weekend in the desert, visiting Ginny in her spring home. 


Green River is a town of less than 1,000, a tiny blip on the map. Most known for it’s melon harvest, it has little industry to speak of, and is generally struggling. Ginny is working with PACT, the community foundation, in their after school program. She’ll be there until the end of May, helping facilitate programming and develop curriculums and guidelines for the program’s future. 

The little community that PACT and Epicenter staff have formed was so welcoming and fun; it was just the weekend I needed. Thankful for sunsets, truck stop karaoke, dance parties, desert hikes, 10am slurpees, endless canyons, beach days and so much laughter. 







Ginny & Mary both inspire me every day with their passion, creativity and fierce dedication to bringing about good in the world. Loved being with them in their little town. 

from the road

To Montana 059

“What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? – it’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s good-bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”
–Jack Kerouac

To Montana 017


I love that bit of Kerouac (even though I don’t particularly like him as a person). Our leaning forward toward the “next crazy venture” began just over a month ago.

Driving cross country felt like a long, tiring dream. Day after day spent under the sky, watching the land spread out in front of us. We passed windmills, sunflower fields, the tiniest towns and the biggest cities.Each night brought us to a new place, with people to learn from and sunsets to see.

I believe deeply that this country is best experienced from the ground. If we had more time, G & I would have rather taken back roads, but our 90West road trip still provided some beautiful insight into American life. Stop in small towns, eat on the ground, play the best music & stop to take photos; the journey is always worth it.

To Montana 198


go west, young woman.

I have some pretty big news to share, friends… I’m moving to Montana!

In my post LVC job hunt, I decided to apply to many positions in DC, Baltimore and some around the country. I searched the Lutheran Outdoor Ministry network and applied for two jobs at Lutheran camp and retreat centers. I was looking for jobs where I could use my facilitation skills to return to my first love: outdoor ministry. Having lived in the DMV area my whole life, I was also excited to look for jobs in a different area of the country, preferably with big mountains!

I am so excited to start my next adventure in life with Flathead Lutheran Camp and Retreat Center, near Kalispell, Montana. I will be the Retreat Coordinator, working as a host, guide and facilitator for their 6000+ retreat guests. I will live on the camp grounds, in a cottage overlooking Flathead Lake! Many other staff members live on the grounds, so I will not be alone during the Montana winter, which is a huge plus. I am so excited to meet all these new people, experience life in Big Sky country and help others embrace this beautiful world we’ve been given. LVC and MLR have given me so many gifts for this work, and I can’t wait to use them and grow in myself as a young adult.

Ginny & I will be driving cross country starting September 4th- she will get to see the camp and nearby Glacier National Park before flying back to MD. We are pumped to see the country in this slower sort of way.

I am so looking forward to this new step in my life and am so thankful for all the people who have supported me in making this decision. Come visit! I will post my new address when I know it.

much love,