green river, ut

my heart is so full after a weekend in the desert, visiting Ginny in her spring home. 


Green River is a town of less than 1,000, a tiny blip on the map. Most known for it’s melon harvest, it has little industry to speak of, and is generally struggling. Ginny is working with PACT, the community foundation, in their after school program. She’ll be there until the end of May, helping facilitate programming and develop curriculums and guidelines for the program’s future. 

The little community that PACT and Epicenter staff have formed was so welcoming and fun; it was just the weekend I needed. Thankful for sunsets, truck stop karaoke, dance parties, desert hikes, 10am slurpees, endless canyons, beach days and so much laughter. 







Ginny & Mary both inspire me every day with their passion, creativity and fierce dedication to bringing about good in the world. Loved being with them in their little town. 


giving thanks (these days)

I hesitate to say that spring is here because it’s possible that we could get snow any day, but these past few weeks of sunshine and warmer breezes have certainly tilted my heart and hopes toward summer. The geese are back, the lake is calmly collecting the spring runoff and the sky is blue as a painting.

Montana has these magic qualities about it: the consistent smell of pine in the air, a slow pace to the day as the sun takes it’s time settling beyond the mountains, the surreal way the lake meets the blue sky. I don’t often have to remind myself to be thankful for our world, because it is so present in my life- from the first glimpse of the lake in the morning to the sleepy way the stars reveal themselves each night. I’ve had two dear friends visit this month and it has been so joyful to watch them revel in this place.

Lately I’ve been feeling really grateful for final glimpses of frost and ice,


for long drives through our beautiful, beautiful country,


for desert reunions with G,


and for the promises for the future that spring always holds.


praying for y’all as we make our way through holy week- what are you grateful for today?